How To Use penrelief™ Acupuncture Pen

Modern western medicine has finally recognized what the ancient Chinese have known for centuries - acupuncture is a viable treatment option for a variety of health conditions and illnesses. Of course, if you feel nauseous at just the thought of tiny stainless steel needles all over your body, you can look into a great alternative called magnetic wave therapy, also known as electronic acupuncture. One of the great benefits of this type of device is that it also has a detection mode.

Detect Possible Health Problems With Electronic Acupuncture 




How does an Electronic Acupuncture Work?

While traditional acupuncture involves the placement of stainless steel needles inserted at various acupoints throughout the body, electronic acupuncture treats the acupoints in the hand, palm and even the wrist area. The device used is small and handheld, with a wand that delivers electromagnetic wave impulses to the acupoints. Thanks to a useful hand map that accompanies these devices, you can accurately pinpoint the area on the hand that corresponds to the body part or function you wish to treat.
The detection mode of these magnetic wave therapy devices work in a similar fashion, with one exception. You must establish a baseline before you can scan your hand with the handheld wand. Following the instructions, you would first touch the wand to the area known as Shao Shang, a spot found by the cuticle of your thumb. You should receive a buzzing sensation when the wand touches it. If it is too intense of a feeling, you can adjust the device until the buzzing reaches a tolerable level.
With the baseline established at the Shao Shang site, you can then scan the different acupoints of the hand, palm and other noted areas. If you feel a buzzing sensation that is a little more intense than your baseline, you should mark that area with a pen or marker. Once you have completed the scan, you can evaluate the results by comparing the marked areas to the hand map.

Interpreting Detection Results 

For the ancient Chinese, balance of the body was important. They used acupuncture to ensure that the energy pathways found within the body stayed unblocked. With electronic acupuncture, if your body is in balance, the Shao Shang site should offer up the most intense buzzing sensation during your scans. However, if you experience intense buzzing elsewhere, then you know that something is not in balance within your body.
You can then take the results of your detection scan to your doctor, pinpointing the particular body parts or functions that are suspect. With a starting point, your doctor can order the appropriate medical tests for a definitive diagnosis. Keep in mind that while magnetic wave therapy is an excellent complement to western medicine, it should not be viewed as the sole tool for treatment and detection of illness.

Acupuncture Pen: Its Benefits and Advantages

With the use of acupuncture pen, people who are afraid of needles may reconsider the use of this technology. It is easy to use and the technology is ideal for people who are always on the go since they would not need any practitioner to use the traditional acupuncture needles but rather you can do it right in your home or room. Simply this product is very portable and you could also manage the length and amount of stimulation applied to your body. It is ideal for managing chronic pains, has no side effects and at the same you could pinpoint exactly the painful part of the body.
Remember for the pain to go away; an acupuncture pen is the perfect pain management tool for you!

3 Ways an Acupuncture Pen can Help Treat Chronic Pain

If you practice acupuncture at a clinic, you know the apprehensions your patients can have against the acupuncture needle. Many people, those who have chronic pain or not, are terrified of needles or any object that causes immediate pain. However, an acupuncture needle is said to not cause any surface pain whatsoever, but it is commonly misinterpreted.  If you have a patient who is still unsure about acupuncture needles to treat their pain, there is an alternative to using them: the acupuncture pen. This effective and painless device provides electrical micro current therapy to an area of the body without the use of any acupuncture needles. Do you need more information before you grab your own acupuncture pen? Go Acupuncture has the top 3 ways that this unique device can help treat chronic pain without needles, so you and your patient are more relaxed and can be treated with the right amount of proper acupuncture care.
1. During the use of an acupuncture pen, no needles are involved, as we have previously stated. This makes it easy for not only acupuncture practitioners to use the pen freely and without their patient flinching as much, but it also makes it easy for a patient with chronic pain to use as well. By pin-pointing the exact spot of pain with the pen, you are not only treating the exact area of pain but the practitioner and patient will be able to understand more thoroughly where it is coming from.
2. One of the best things about purchasing an acupuncture pen is portability. If you’re travelling or perhaps just going to work for a long day and need relief from your pain, the pen can fit easily in any bag. This is really convenient because you can reap the benefits of acupuncture while away from your acupuncturist and not have to carry needles around with you.
3. Acupuncture is alternative medicine, meaning it is the less-harsh option to using painkillers and other medications to treat chronic pain. The acupuncture pen is great when managing pain because it has no side effects, as opposed to taking a pain killer which can make you drowsy and unable to function in certain settings.
Acupuncture with needles should only be done by a licensed practitioner, however if you are unable to get the care you need from your acupuncturist, an acupuncture pen is the ideal chronic pain management tool for you to utilize.