Seven Acupuncture Points That Can Improve Your Life During Hot Summer


7 Acupuncture Points That Can Improve Your Life This Summer

Summer brings long and bright days, which can be unbearable sometimes. The heat and humidity affect a lot of people, which makes them tired and slow. You might notice specific symptoms such as skin rashes, lethargy, slow digestion, and even edema. An acupuncture Dubai specialist can help to deal with these symptoms. By stimulating the acupuncture points, the practitioner revives your energy and gets rid of other discomforts.

Acupuncture and Summer

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, summer is associated the most with yang; that‘s why they relate summer to fire. According to TCM, specific energetic channels associated with each season and element.

For summer, the heart and the small intestines are the related channels. The heart pumps oxygen-rich blood to every body part. Acupuncturists associate mental activities with the heart, which includes our memories, thoughts, and emotions.

The small intestine helps to finish the digestion of food. This organ separates pure from waste products which are pushed to the large intestine for expulsion while the body absorbs the pure nutrients. According to TCM, the small intestine can influence your mental clarity.

When these 2 organs are not working properly, you start to experience symptoms such as heartburn, insomnia, palpitations, depression, and indigestion. TCM ensures that the heart and small intestines function effectively by activating acupuncture points to help you get through summer.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, we should concentrate on the heart and intestines during the summer season. An imbalance in the summer element causes problems within the related organs. Stimulating the acupuncture points does not only help in digestion, but it also soothes heat stroke.

Acupuncture Points for a Better Summer

Although there are over 350 acupoints, only a few of them work for summer to aid in digestion and mental processes. You don’t have to wait for symptoms to manifest, you can visit an acupuncture Dubai clinic to make your summer bearable.

Below are some of the acupuncture points we use for this season:

Heart 8

This acupoint is located on the bilateral side of the palm. When you fold your fist, this acupuncture point lies at the tip of your little finger. This point helps to get rid of heart and small intestine fire, calm the mind, clear palpitations, and fever. It also helps to balance Qi and relieve pain.

Ren 4

This point is in the middle of your abdominal muscles, 3 thumbs beneath the belly button.  Acupuncture Dubai specialists recommend this treatment if you experience diarrhea or gut problems such as indigestion. This acupoint not only balances Qi, but it also improves the functions of the small intestine.

Large Intestine 11

To find this point, bend your arm and search for the end of the crease on the outermost part of your elbow. This acupuncture point acts as a powerhouse with 2 major functions. This is one of the most powerful points when it comes to clearing heat from the body. This could be from a fever, hot flushes, or sunburn. Large intestine 11 also releases the interior that is it acts as a vent for excess heat. Specialists also use this point to clear diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Heart 7

You find heart 7 at the outer end of the wrist crease. This acupuncture point helps to calm the mind, prevent heart palpitations, and reduce fever. Acupuncture Dubai experts use this point to counter summer symptoms such as a dry throat, lack of appetite, and dizziness.

Small Intestine 3

This acupuncture point is on the ulna side of the palm, at the edge of the fist, behind the largest knuckle right where the red and white parts meet. Certified acupuncture Dubai experts recommend this treatment to help calm the mind and expel fever. This point activates the heart to regulate body temperature. It also creates assertiveness and mental clarity.

PC 3

Located across the cubital crease on the ulnar side of the tendon medial biceps brachii the PC 3 is beneficial during summer. If you experience palpitations or other summer symptoms, you can visit any acupuncture Dubai clinic for help. The specialist helps to clear Yin, which is the summer heat stroke a well as gut problems. Specialists also help to expel heat from all blood vessels, stop vomiting and diarrhea, and to get rid of pain.

Large Intestine 4

This acupoint is located on the dorsum of your hand between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones on the outer side. Acupuncture Dubai specialists use Large Intestine 4 to treat summer symptoms such as headache, dizziness, and even diarrhea. According to TCM, Large Intestine 4 can also relieve constipation, which is caused by not drinking enough liquids. This acupuncture point is also used to treat rashes caused by the sun during summer as well as allergies. Stimulation of Large Intestine 4 allows for the flow of Qi and blood.

Summer Tips

Acupuncturists use herbs and diet alongside the practice to improve the results. A healthy diet is beneficial if you want to heal summer stroke. Eating fruits such as watermelon which contain a lot of fluid is recommended. According to TCM, watermelon is suitable to cool the body and aid in digestion. Drink a lot of liquid, especially water and stay away from carbonated beverages and salty foods which cause dehydration.

Try to stay away from the sun and take regular breaks; this helps to prevent exhaustion and dehydration. If you have to work outside, wear protective clothing and apply sunscreen. Remember to schedule an appointment with an acupuncture Dubai clinic for a memorable summer experience.

Summer is an excellent time to let loose and have fun; however, the unbearable heat can hinder you. Apart from wearing the right clothes and eating cooling foods, acupuncture helps to get rid of summer symptoms and pain.